Amazing Stuff specializes in mazes, games, labyrinths and puzzles for children's books and magazines. Our fun children's pencil pushing puzzle mazes have been published in magazines and books and made into toys. Our designers can be called upon as consultants to innovate a special and unique creation for you or your organization. Mazemaker and designer Steve E Gross Gordon is also a lecturer and designer of apparel. He designs Men and Women's clothing such as ties, shirts, and hats. We can design patterns or designs for textiles like rugs, stained glass, blankets and jewelry. Mazes can help children learn how to problem solve while engaged in fun activities. Abstract learning tools and course curriculum have been developed to assist in the classroom. Amazing Stuff consisting of Steve Gross Gordon also works with physical and occupational therapists to design activities that develop and improve motor skills and coordination. Mazes have proven to be an effective eye hand coordination development and improvement tool. Labyrinths hold the key to ancient civilizations' mysteries and rituals. Mazes and stone circle have been found in deserts as well as along shore lines. Colored tile images can be found on the floors of churches and cathedrals and in private villas. Labyrinths have been used for centuries for spiritual awakening and contemplation. The large scale meandering and winding circuits and pathways have been the place where many ceremonies and dancing rituals have taken place. Many world cultures, modern as well as ancient, follow the cycles of time and seasons. Labyrinth symbols have been found on historic artifacts and in glyphics. Many ancient legends and mythologies contain references to mazes. Theseus defeating the minotaur with Ariadnes' help is but one story from legend. Remnants of mazes have been found in Peru, Arizona, Iceland, Crete, Egypt, India, Sumatra. Mazes can be made of many different materials. Some are made from mosaic tile, some from wood, some out of hedge. Other from mirrors, or stones, or even waterfalls, not to mention from turf as the ancients did. Certainly the most prolific mazemaker of the 20th century designing mostly for amazement and amusement is Adrian Fisher. His creations can be found in amusement and theme parks, self made attractions and in museum exhibits all over the world. Puzzle mazes make inexpensive and fun gifts and can be found in any book store or where ever toys are sold. They're great for any occasion: as anniversary themes, as birthday gifts, as graduation presents, as holidays presents, as Mother's Day and Father's Day themes, even as weddings favors! Puzzle fans will marvel at the fun group activities and problem solving challenges, mazes can produce. Mazes help creative minds to find innovative solutions to fun mind benders. Children spend hours with pencil and paper mazes. Buy puzzle mazes as gifts and bring hours of fun and wonder to your favorite person!

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